4 responses to “Close, but no Cigar: The Flyby of Asteroid 2005 YU55”

  1. anonymous

    A lot of fear-mongering people are saying that by the day of passage there will be either an earthquake or tsunami drill, but I think people over-hype what is actually said. I saw the above picture demonstrations and I agree with you. Thank you for pointing that out for those of us who DO know you’re right. Ok, so I may be scared a chunk could fall off the main body of the asteroid, BUT, nonetheless I’m not as scared as those fear-mongering people set this out to be “worse than it actually seems”.
    Take care and keep doing a good job on the articles. Well done.
    An anonymous fan

  2. Jeni Ley

    Looks like it missed us!

  3. Dave

    In your opinion how likely is it that an asteroid would actually come in contact with Earth? You say close but no cigar, but if one was barreling down on us, I’d be the first smoking some fine cuban cigars from my humidor.

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