6 responses to “The Flyby Clock: Visualizing a Century of Asteroid Encounters”

  1. morp

    Very true about the interest of laymen :( the moment I saw the asteroid news I came immediately to see what the MPC blog team had to say about it.

  2. Lyn Leahz

    How does one follow your website? I see no way to follow you. Only the comments on this particular post. Thanks!

    1. J.L. Galache


      There is a ‘Subscribe’ tab at the top of the site, under the banner. We’ll e-mail you when new articles are posted to the blog if you sign up there.

  3. RefractorPhill

    Superb & creative vizualisation graph on NEA … Looking forward to updates!

  4. Martin Bülow

    This is the most beautiful and informative visualization of asteroids that might come close to Earth I have ever seen !

  5. Matt

    Very interesting.

    I wonder if a using a log scale for distances would make the plot easier to read. The central part is a bit crouded.
    This would expand the geosynchronous circle far out, providing extra space to view very close flybys.

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