16 responses to “Sci-Fi Author Iain M. Banks Gets Asteroid Named after Him”

  1. Peter McClean

    That is a fantastic memorial for Iain. Well done.

  2. Lucius Sorrentino

    Awesome! I’m sure he’d be tickled.

  3. Adam Lawrence

    A wonderful and appropriate monument. Nicely done!

  4. Robin Chase

    This is indeed a fitting tribute to a man who contributed so much to our Culture. Congratulations and thanks for doing this.

  5. Peter Kenny

    A brilliant and thoughtful tribute, to a brilliant and thought inducing man.

  6. Alan Fitzsimmons

    Oh, very well done. I shall dig out an image of it – Against a Dark Background, of course.

  7. Susan Parker

    This is wonderful. We met him occasionally at sf cons and hugely enjoy his work, in particular the Culture novels. We are so please such a thoughtful and inspiring tribute has been possible. Thank you.

  8. Michael McCutcheon

    A truly apt tribute and a marvelously succinct citation. I assume it’s deliberate that the first observation was in the year of his birth; a very nice touch!

  9. jessica

    whoa.this is so touching and amazing, everything in life seems better because of this gesture, thank you.

  10. Kev Hicks

    That is a marvellous thing to do!

    I have enjoyed Iain’s ‘Culture’ books for a long time, his passing is sad for me and I will miss the yearly updates on his creation.

    It is great that you have brought this event to fruition!

  11. Cormac

    One could also suggest that as the existance of this asteroid is NOT science fiction, then excluding using the ‘M’ would be more appropriate.

    Well done.

  12. Paul Williams

    He was asked in an interview once why the M for the scfi and just “Ian Banks” for the fiction.

    His answer was that he should have never bothered with the M, just “Ian Banks” for both genre.

    So I guess the asteroid is named as he would have liked it to be named.

  13. jcs

    Thanks for doing this. It’s a wonderful tribute to Banks, one of my favorite authors.

  14. GSV Shoulda been Dan Brown

    Just brilliant. Wonderful to read. Great work! :)

  15. Frank Aiello

    What a great idea! Iain may have sublimed, but his memory will live on.

    Thank you.

  16. Ted A. Hunt

    “Matter” is the 8th novel in Iain M. Banks Culture Series. How fitting that the IAU should name a sizeable piece of Matter in his honor. Please “Consider Phlebas” when it’s time to name Iainbanks’ surface features, along with memorable characters from his novels, such as Sma, and Linter, who adopted us as his own.

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