One response to “The MPC Talks at the UN”

  1. Richard

    Looks like there were quite a few empty seats for Tim’s presentation. I guess the Scientific and Technical subcommittee take after Miami Heat fans and like to be fashionably late.

    Other thoughts:
    – I’m not sure why there are so many acronyms in the scientific community. My wife, a psychologist, seems to have an acronym associated with every study (and sub-study) she works on.

    – Does COPUOUS mean anything? Couldn’t they have easily made it COPIOUS? That way the committee could start meetings with something like “We have a copious number of COPIOUS items to discuss regarding the copious possibilities in outer space.”

    – I love the social media interaction. Who’s idea was that? It’s awesome.

    – It seems like every meteor something-or-other occurs in a Russia-ish state. Chelyabinsk would just be the latest such example. As a statistician and complete casual consumer of this type of news, it seems like we could develop a predictive model for NEO activity where the primary variable is the number of consonants in the town name.

    – Unfortunately, IAWN cannot become LAWN as in “get off my LAWN (…you asteroids)!”

    Keep up the great work!,

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