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  • List Of The Potentially Hazardous Asteroids (PHAs)

    Information on converting absolute magnitudes to diameters is available, as is an explanation of the quantities given in the listings below.

    A list of close approaches to the earth through the end of the 21st century is available.

    NOTE:The quantity EMoid in the table below does not give any information on actual close approaches to the earth--you should consult the previously-referenced list for such details.

    See a plot of the innermost solar system (or the inner solar system)

    This list is updated daily and is also updated as and when new objects are discovered.

    Download a text version of the data.

    Designation (and name)     Prov. Des.   EMoid     q       Q      H     Epoch      M    Peri. Node   Incl.  e      a      Opps.     Ref.      Designation (and name)                  Discovery date, site and discoverer(s)