Asteroid Hazards: The View from Space

This series of videos explains the "hows and whys" of asteroid hazards -- Why are some asteroids hazardous? Why are they difficult to find? And how can the risk of impact be predicted? Produced by astrophysicist and planetary scientist Dr. Tom Statler, the videos give a scientifically accurate 3-dimensional perspective on this natural hazard, and how it results from the natural workings of our Solar System.

The series is geared for the viewer who wants a clear conceptual picture of asteroid hazards, free of artificial drama, and who doesn't have the time for a course in planetary astronomy. Policy professionals, emergency managers, teachers, students, and interested citizens will find a clear presentation of the basic facts. These videos are part of the Minor Planet Center's larger effort to provide information and educational resources to the public.

There is no need to watch all of the videos in one sitting; but we do recommend that you watch them in order, starting with Part 1.

Part 1: What Makes an Asteroid a Hazard? (6:04)

Part 2: The Challenge of Detection (7:14)

Part 3: Finding the Path (5:38)

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