Identification Files

The MPC regularly publishes the following files of identifications of minor planets. All designations in these files are in packed form

  • numids.txt - numbered MPs, with packed number in columns 1-5 and packed secondaries every seven columns from 7 on with no spaces.
  • ids.txt - unnumbered MPs, with packed primary designation in columns 1-7, and packed secondaries (if any) every seven columns from 8 on with no spaces.

The files at the above links are updated with each Minor Planet Circular, published approximately every other month, along with a catalog of orbit files. A similarly coordinated internally-consistent set of daily files are also available, and will include all orbits and identifications as of the most recent Daily Orbit Update (DOU) and the corresponding MPC Orbit (MPCORB) file.

In addition, the following files are updated daily with each DOU:

  • newnumids.dat - numbered identifications that will be published in the next Circular.
  • newunnnumids.dat - unnumbered identifications that have been published in DOUs since the last Circular.