• MPC Preparation (Info)

  • New Object Ephemeris Generator

    Use the form below to generate ephemerides for your new objects prior to the assignment of official provisional designations. You enter at least two observations (in the normal MPC format) for each object into the form below. The observations of each object can be on the same night. Up to 100 observations may be entered on this form. Then select Generate ephemerides to obtain the ephemerides.

    Observations that are not formatted correctly will be rejected. Ensure that there is a Carriage Return at the end of the last observation.

    Enter observations below (a guide is included to allow manual entry of the data on those platforms that do not allow cut-and-paste operations):


    By default, ephemerides are geocentric, begin "now" and are for 7 days at 1 day intervals. The desired start date for the ephemeris should be entered in YYYY MM DD format, e.g., 2011 June 7 = 2011 06 07. Note that these ephemerides are intended to assist current observations only.

    Observatory code:

    Start date for ephemerides:

    Number of ephemeris positions to output

    Ephemeris interval: Ephemeris units: days hours

    Display ephemeris positions in: truncated sexagesimal or full sexagesimal or decimal units

    Display motions as: "/sec, "/min, "/hr or °/day.

    Total motion and direction Separate R.A. and Decl. motions