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  • Natural Satellites Ephemeris Service

    Ephemerides, orbital elements and residual blocks for the outer irregular satellites of the giant planets are available here.

    Choose which objects you wish to observe, select what information you want returned, indicate your ephemeris options (if necessary) and then select the "Get Information" button.

    Selection of Objects

    All Jovian outer irregular satellites

    All unnumbered Jovian outer irregular satellites

    All numbered Jovian outer irregular satellites

    Just the following Jovian outer irregular satellites

    Jupiter VI (Himalia) Jupiter VII (Elara) Jupiter VIII (Pasiphae)
    Jupiter IX (Sinope) Jupiter X (Lysithea) Jupiter XI (Carme)
    Jupiter XII (Ananke) Jupiter XIII (Leda) Jupiter XVII (Callirrhoe)
    Jupiter XVIII (Themisto) Jupiter XIX (Megaclite) Jupiter XX (Taygete)
    Jupiter XXI (Chaldene) Jupiter XXII (Harpalyke) Jupiter XXIII (Kalyke)
    Jupiter XXIV (Iocaste) Jupiter XXV (Erinome) Jupiter XXVI (Isonoe)
    Jupiter XXVII (Praxidike) Jupiter XXVIII (Autonoe) Jupiter XXIX (Thyone)
    Jupiter XXX (Hermippe) Jupiter XXXI (Aitne) Jupiter XXXII (Eurydome)
    Jupiter XXXIII (Euanthe) Jupiter XXXIV (Euporie) Jupiter XXXV (Orthosie)
    Jupiter XXXVI (Sponde) Jupiter XXXVII (Kale) Jupiter XXXVIII (Pasithee)
    Jupiter XXXIX (Hegemone) Jupiter XL (Mneme) Jupiter XLI (Aoede)
    Jupiter XLII (Thelxinoe) Jupiter XLIII (Arche) Jupiter XLIV (Kallichore)
    Jupiter XLV (Helike) Jupiter XLVI (Carpo) Jupiter XLVII (Eukelade)
    Jupiter XLVIII (Cyllene) Jupiter XLIX (Kore) Jupiter L (Herse)
    Jupiter LI (unnamed) Jupiter LII (unnamed) Jupiter LIII (Dia)
    Jupiter LIV Jupiter LV Jupiter LVI
    Jupiter LVII (Eirene) Jupiter LVIII (Philophrosyne) Jupiter LIX
    Jupiter LX (Eupheme) Jupiter LXI Jupiter LXII (Valetudo)
    Jupiter LXIII Jupiter LXIV Jupiter LXV (Pandia)
    Jupiter LXVI Jupiter LXVII Jupiter LXVIII
    Jupiter LXIX Jupiter LXX Jupiter LXXI (Ersa)
    Jupiter LXXII S/2003 J 2 S/2003 J 4
    S/2003 J 9 S/2003 J 10 S/2003 J 12
    S/2003 J 16 S/2003 J 23 S/2003 J 24
    S/2011 J 3 S/2016 J 3 S/2016 J 4
    S/2018 J 2 S/2018 J 3 S/2018 J 4
    S/2021 J 1 S/2021 J 2 S/2021 J 3
    S/2021 J 4 S/2021 J 5 S/2021 J 6
    S/2022 J 1 S/2022 J 2 S/2022 J 3

    All Saturnian outer irregular satellites

    All unnumbered Saturnian outer irregular satellites

    All numbered Saturnian outer irregular satellites

    Just the following Saturnian outer irregular satellites

    Saturn IX (Phoebe) Saturn XIX (Ymir) Saturn XX (Paaliaq)
    Saturn XXI (Tarvos) Saturn XXII (Ijiraq) Saturn XXIII (Suttungr)
    Saturn XXIV (Kiviuq) Saturn XXV (Mundilfari) Saturn XXVI (Albiorix)
    Saturn XXVII (Skathi) Saturn XXVIII (Erriapus) Saturn XXIX (Siarnaq)
    Saturn XXX (Thrymr) Saturn XXXI (Narvi) Saturn XXXVI (Aegir)
    Saturn XXXVII (Bebhionn) Saturn XXXVIII (Bergelmir) Saturn XXXIX (Bestla)
    Saturn XL (Farbauti) Saturn XLI (Fenrir) Saturn XLII (Fornjot)
    Saturn XLIII (Hati) Saturn XLIV (Hyrrokkin) Saturn XLV (Kari)
    Saturn XLVI (Loge) Saturn XLVII (Skoll) Saturn XLVIII (Surtur)
    Saturn L (Jarnsaxa) Saturn LI (Greip) Saturn LII (Tarqeq)
    Saturn LIV (Gridr) Saturn LV (Angrboda) Saturn LVI (Skrymir)
    Saturn LVII (Gerd) Saturn LVIII Saturn LIX (Eggther)
    Saturn LX Saturn LXI (Beli) Saturn LXII (Gunnlod)
    Saturn LXIII (Thiazzi) Saturn LXIV Saturn LXV (Alvaldi)
    Saturn LXVI (Geirrod) S/2004 S 7 S/2004 S 12
    S/2004 S 13 S/2004 S 17 S/2004 S 21
    S/2004 S 24 S/2004 S 28 S/2004 S 31
    S/2004 S 36 S/2004 S 37 S/2004 S 39
    S/2004 S 40 S/2004 S 41 S/2004 S 42
    S/2004 S 43 S/2004 S 44 S/2004 S 45
    S/2004 S 46 S/2004 S 47 S/2004 S 48
    S/2004 S 49 S/2004 S 50 S/2004 S 51
    S/2004 S 52 S/2004 S 53 S/2005 S 4
    S/2005 S 5 S/2006 S 1 S/2006 S 3
    S/2006 S 9 S/2006 S 10 S/2006 S 11
    S/2006 S 12 S/2006 S 13 S/2006 S 14
    S/2006 S 15 S/2006 S 16 S/2006 S 17
    S/2006 S 18 S/2006 S 19 S/2006 S 20
    S/2007 S 2 S/2007 S 3 S/2007 S 5
    S/2007 S 6 S/2007 S 7 S/2007 S 8
    S/2007 S 9 S/2019 S 1 S/2019 S 2
    S/2019 S 3 S/2019 S 4 S/2019 S 5
    S/2019 S 6 S/2019 S 7 S/2019 S 8
    S/2019 S 9 S/2019 S 10 S/2019 S 11
    S/2019 S 12 S/2019 S 13 S/2019 S 14
    S/2019 S 15 S/2019 S 16 S/2019 S 17
    S/2019 S 18 S/2019 S 19 S/2019 S 20
    S/2019 S 21 S/2020 S 1 S/2020 S 2
    S/2020 S 3 S/2020 S 4 S/2020 S 5
    S/2020 S 6 S/2020 S 7 S/2020 S 8
    S/2020 S 9 S/2020 S 10

    All Uranian outer irregular satellites

    All unnumbered Uranian outer irregular satellites

    All numbered Uranian outer irregular satellites

    Just the following Uranian outer irregular satellites

    Uranus XVI (Caliban) Uranus XVII (Sycorax) Uranus XVIII (Prospero)
    Uranus XIX (Setebos) Uranus XX (Stephano) Uranus XXI (Trinculo)
    Uranus XXII (Francisco) Uranus XXIII (Margaret) Uranus XXIV (Ferdinand)
    S/2023 U 1

    All Neptunian outer irregular satellites

    All unnumbered Neptunian outer irregular satellites

    All numbered Neptunian outer irregular satellites

    Just the following Neptunian outer irregular satellites

    Neptune II (Nereid) Neptune IX (Halimede) Neptune X (Psamathe)
    Neptune XI (Sao) Neptune XII (Laomedeia) Neptune XIII (Neso)
    S/2002 N 5 S/2021 N 1

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