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  • Preliminary Version of the MPC Observer Summary Pages

    Here are links to the preliminary versions of the MPC Observer Summary Pages that will be appearing in the next batch of MPCs. Please find the details for your observatory code, check that the details are correct and report any problems to mpc@cfa.harvard.edu. These details were extracted automatically from the header information supplied with your observations or extracted from the previous published form of the header if certain details were omitted.

    If you wish to receive e-mail notification of the availability of new preliminary versions in future month, please send e-mail to mpc@cfa.harvard.edu and request that your e-mail address be added to the notification list.

    Before reporting problems, please ensure that you have read the explanation. This version of the page is only visible for a variable period of 24 to 72 hours during the MPC preparation process. There is no point in reporting errors after the time specified in the explanation as it is probably then too late to do anything about them!

    The available files are: