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  • Catalogue Codes

    The Minor Planet Center is documenting a previously-undocumented column in the observational record.

    Column 72 on the standard observation record encodes the astrometric reference catalogue as a single character. This column was added by Gareth Williams to aid his doctoral research. Starting with observation submissions after mid-2001, the automated processing routines added catalogue information to incoming observations, as long as the observer reported the catalogue in the form documented for the observational header. Williams also manually added the catalogue information to a number of earlier-reported observations.

    On new submissions, column 72 must be blank. The catalogue information is added during the processing of the observation.

    The correct way to reference this work is G. V. Williams, 2012, ``Minor Planet Astrophotometry'', PhD thesis, Open University. [2012PhDT.........7W]

    The list of assigned catalogue codes is as follows:

    Char   Catalogue
      a    USNO-A1.0
      b    USNO-SA1.0
      c    USNO-A2.0
      d    USNO-SA2.0
      e    UCAC-1
      f    Tycho-1
      g    Tycho-2
      h    GSC-1.0
      i    GSC-1.1
      j    GSC-1.2
      k    GSC-2.2
      l    ACT
      m    GSC-ACT
      n    SDSS-DR8
      o    USNO-B1.0
      p    PPM
      q    UCAC-4
      r    UCAC-2
      s    USNO-B2.0
      t    PPMXL
      u    UCAC-3
      v    NOMAD
      w    CMC-14
      x    Hipparcos 2
      y    Hipparcos
      z    GSC (version unspecified)
      A    AC
      B    SAO 1984
      C    SAO
      D    AGK 3
      E    FK4
      F    ACRS
      G    Lick Gaspra Catalogue
      H    Ida93 Catalogue
      I    Perth 70
      J    COSMOS/UKST Southern Sky Catalogue
      K    Yale
      L    2MASS
      M    GSC-2.3
      N    SDSS-DR7
      O    SST-RC1
      P    MPOSC3
      Q    CMC-15
      R    SST-RC4
      S    URAT-1
      T    URAT-2
      U    Gaia-DR1
      V    Gaia-DR2
      W    Gaia-DR3
      X    Gaia-EDR3
      Y    UCAC-5
      Z    ATLAS-2
      0    IHW
      1    PS1-DR1
      2    PS1-DR2
      3    Gaia_Int  
      4    GZ
      5    USNO-UBAD
      6    Gaia2016