• MPC Preparation (Info)

  • MPC Operations Status

    The Minor Planet Center operates in two distinct modes of operation, which are described below.

    Processing Mode

    Processing is the normal mode of operation. Automated processes handle the bulk of the incoming observation batches.

    MPC Preparation Mode

    When the checking of material that is to appear in the next batch of Minor Planet Circulars begins, the MPC switches into preparation mode. The primary difference between preparation and processing modes is that new observatory codes are not attended to in preparation mode. Most automated procedures handle observations as in processing mode.

    MPC Status Page

    A page describing any problem with the MPC (either in internal processing of observations or with the webpages or web scripts) is available.

    ECS Files

    The files available in the ECS are those associated with the 2024 MAR. 22 and 2024 FEB. 1 batches of MPCs.

    The last batch of mid-month MPS batches included in the file available in the ECS are those associated with the 20240510 batch.