• MPC Preparation (Info)

  • Format For Astrometric Observations Of Comets, Minor Planets and Natural Satellites

    Astrometric observations of comets, minor planets and natural satellites submitted for publication in the Minor Planet Circulars (MPCs), Minor Planet Electronic Circulars and IAU Circulars are represented by one or more 80-column records. The format differs depending on whether the observation is optical (photographic, CCD or visual), radar or satellite-based. Related links: Observations formatted according to the schemes detailed above must be sent via e-mail to obs@cfa.harvard.edu. Observations must be sent unencoded as plain text. In particular, users of MIME-compliant mailers are asked not to use BinHex/Base64 encoding! Encoded messages are not decoded by the automated processing routines (a deliberate design decision), so any encoded observation batches will not be recognized as containing observations and will be deleted.