• MPC Preparation (Info)

  • Distribution of the Minor Planets

    The following plots show how the minor planets are distributed with respect to various orbital elements (and absolute magnitude). The plots include all numbered objects and all unnumbered objects with multi-opposition or perturbed long-arc orbits. These plots are updated monthly after the completion of each batch of Minor Planet Circulars.

    Plots presented here are for your own personal education and may not be reproduced in any form on any medium without permission.


    1. By semimajor axis
    2. By eccentricity
    3. By inclination
    4. By longitude of the ascending node
    5. By argument of perihelion
    6. By longitude of perihelion
    7. By mean longitude at the current standard epoch
    8. By perihelion distance
    9. By aphelion distance
    10. By absolute magnitude
    11. Jupiter Trojans: By longitude of the ascending node
    12. Jupiter Trojans: By absolute magnitude
    13. NEAs: By absolute magnitude

    Scatter Diagrams

    1. Semimajor axis vs eccentricity
    2. Semimajor axis vs inclination
    3. Eccentricity vs inclination
    4. Absolute magnitude vs semimajor axis
    5. Absolute magnitude vs eccentricity
    6. Absolute magnitude vs inclination
    7. Longitude of perihelion vs semimajor axis
    8. Longitude of perihelion vs eccentricity
    9. Longitude of perihelion vs inclination