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  • Periodic Comet Numbers

    The assignment of periodic comet numbers is the responsibility of the Minor Planet Center.

    Additions to this list will appear in the Minor Planet Circulars.

    This list was last updated on 2023 Sept. 27.

    The current list of numbers is as follows:

    Number Name                                      Prov. Desig.
     471P                                            P/2023 KF3
     470P  PANSTARRS                                 P/2014 W1
     469P  PANSTARRS                                 P/2015 XG422
     468P  Siding Spring                             P/2004 V3
     467P  LINEAR-Grauer                             P/2010 TO20
     466P  PANSTARRS                                 P/2015 T3
     465P  Hill                                      P/2008 L2
     464P  PANSTARRS                                 P/2014 OL465
     463P  NEOWISE                                   P/2018 HT3
     462P  LONEOS-PANSTARRS                          P/2022 M1
     461P  WISE                                      P/2010 OE101
     460P  PANSTARRS                                 P/2016 BA14
     459P  Catalina                                  P/2010 VH95
     458P  Jahn                                      P/2023 C1
     457P  Lemmon-PANSTARRS                          P/2020 O1
     456P  PANSTARRS                                 P/2021 L4
     455P  PANSTARRS                                 P/2017 S9
     454P  PANSTARRS                                 P/2022 U5
     453P  WISE-Lemmon                               P/2022 V1
     452P  Sheppard-Jewitt                           P/2003 CC22
     451P  Christensen                               P/2007 A2
     450P  LONEOS                                    P/2004 A1
     449P  Leonard                                   P/2020 S6
     448P  PANSTARRS                                 P/2022 Q1
     447P  Sheppard-Tholen                           P/2021 R9
     446P  McNaught                                  P/2012 O3
     445P  Lemmon-PANSTARRS                          P/2014 R5
     444P  WISE-PANSTARRS                            P/2016 PM1
     443P  PANSTARRS-Christensen                     P/2022 E1
     442P  McNaught                                  P/2011 Q3
     441P  PANSTARRS                                 P/2017 R1
     440P  Kobayashi                                 P/1997 B1
     439P  LINEAR                                    P/2008 WZ96
     438P  Christensen                               P/2005 T2
     437P  PANSTARRS                                 P/2011 UE215
     436P  Garradd                                   P/2007 R4
     435P  PANSTARRS                                 P/2021 T3
     434P  Tenagra                                   P/2012 TK8
     432P  PANSTARRS                                 P/2021 N4
     431P  Scotti                                    P/2015 Q1
     430P  Scotti                                    P/2011 A2
     429P  LINEAR-Hill                               P/2008 QP20
     428P  Gibbs                                     P/2014 W12
     427P  ATLAS                                     P/2017 S5
     426P  PANSTARRS                                 P/2019 A7
     425P  Kowalski                                  P/2005 W3
     424P  La Sagra                                  P/2012 S2
     423P  Lemmon                                    P/2008 CL94
     422P  Christensen                               P/2006 S4
     420P  McNaught                                  P/2009 U4
     419P  PANSTARRS                                 P/2015 F1
     418P  LINEAR                                    P/2010 A5
     417P  NEOWISE                                   P/2015 J3
     416P  Scotti                                    P/2013 A2
     414P  STEREO                                    P/2016 J3
     413P  Larson                                    P/2014 E1
     412P  WISE                                      P/2010 B2
     411P  Christensen                               P/2007 B1
     410P  NEAT-LINEAR                               P/2005 CR16
     409P  LONEOS-Hill                               P/2005 XA54
     408P  Novichonok-Gerke                          P/2011 R3
     407P  PANSTARRS-Fuls                            P/2013 J4
     406P  Gibbs                                     P/2007 R2
     405P  Lemmon                                    P/2013 TL117
     404P  Bressi                                    P/2011 U2
     403P  Catalina                                  P/2007 VQ11
     402P  LINEAR                                    P/2002 T5
     401P  McNaught                                  P/2006 H1
     400P  PANSTARRS                                 P/2013 PA104
     399P  PANSTARRS                                 P/2013 O2
     398P  Boattini                                  P/2009 Q4
     397P  Lemmon                                    P/2012 SB6
     395P  Catalina-NEAT                             P/2020 H1
     394P  PANSTARRS                                 P/2020 F4
     393P  Spacewatch-Hill                           P/2009 SK280
     392P  LINEAR                                    P/2004 WR9
     391P  Kowalski                                  P/2006 F1
     390P  Gibbs                                     P/2006 W1
     389P  Siding Spring                             P/2006 R1
     388P  Gibbs                                     P/2007 T4
     387P  Boattini                                  P/2008 Y1
     386P  PANSTARRS                                 P/2011 U1
     385P  Hill                                      P/2010 U2
     384P  Kowalski                                  P/2014 U2
     383P  Christensen                               P/2006 S1
     382P  Larson                                    P/2007 R1
     381P  LINEAR-Spacewatch                         P/2000 S4
     380P  PANSTARRS                                 P/2019 G1
     379P  Spacewatch                                P/2006 F4
     378P  McNaught                                  P/2005 Y2
     377P  Scotti                                    P/2003 L1
     376P  LONEOS                                    P/2005 GF8
     375P  Hill                                      P/2006 D1
     374P  Larson                                    P/2007 V1
     373P  Rinner                                    P/2011 W2
     372P  McNaught                                  P/2008 O2
     371P  LINEAR-Skiff                              P/2001 R6
     370P  NEAT                                      P/2001 T3
     369P  Hill                                      P/2010 A1
     368P  NEAT                                      P/2005 R1
     367P  Catalina                                  P/2011 CR42
     366P  Spacewatch                                P/2005 JN
     365P  PANSTARRS                                 P/2011 WG113
     364P  PANSTARRS                                 P/2013 CU129
     363P  Lemmon                                    P/2011 VJ5
     362P  Spacewatch                                P/2008 GO98
     361P  Spacewatch                                P/2006 UR111
     360P  WISE                                      P/2010 P4
     359P  LONEOS                                    P/2007 RS41
     358P  PANSTARRS                                 P/2012 T1
     357P  Hill                                      P/2008 T4
     356P  WISE                                      P/2010 D1
     355P  LINEAR-NEAT                               P/2004 T1
     354P  LINEAR                                    P/2010 A2
     353P  McNaught                                  P/2009 S2
     352P  Skiff                                     P/2000 S1
     351P  Wiegert-PANSTARRS                         P/2016 P2
     350P  McNaught                                  P/2010 J5
     349P  Lemmon                                    P/2010 EY90
     348P  PANSTARRS                                 P/2017 A2
     347P  PANSTARRS                                 P/2016 SV
     346P  Catalina                                  P/2007 T6
     345P  LINEAR                                    P/2008 SH164
     344P  Read                                      P/2005 S3
     343P  NEAT-LONEOS                               P/2003 SQ215
     342P  SOHO                                      P/2000 O3
     341P  Gibbs                                     P/2007 R3
     340P  Boattini                                  P/2008 T1
     339P  Gibbs                                     P/2009 K1
     338P  McNaught                                  P/2008 J3
     337P  WISE                                      P/2010 N1
     336P  McNaught                                  P/2006 G1
     335P  Gibbs                                     P/2008 Y2
     334P  NEAT                                      P/2001 F1
     333P  LINEAR                                    P/2007 VA85
     332P  Ikeya-Murakami                            P/2010 V1
     331P  Gibbs                                     P/2012 F5
     330P  Catalina                                  P/1999 V1
     329P  LINEAR-Catalina                           P/2003 WC7
     328P  LONEOS-Tucker                             P/1998 QP54
     327P  Van Ness                                  P/2002 Q1
     326P  Hill                                      P/2007 V2
     325P  Yang-Gao                                  P/2009 L2
     324P  La Sagra                                  P/2010 R2
     323P  SOHO                                      P/1999 X3
     322P  SOHO                                      P/1999 R1
     321P  SOHO                                      P/2001 D1
     320P  McNaught                                  P/2004 R1
     319P  Catalina-McNaught                         P/2008 S1
     318P  McNaught-Hartley                          P/1994 N2
     317P  WISE                                      P/2010 K2
     316P  LONEOS-Christensen                        P/2005 RV25
     315P  LONEOS                                    P/2004 VR8
     314P  Montani                                   P/1997 G1
     313P  Gibbs                                     P/2014 S4
     312P  NEAT                                      P/2001 Q11
     311P  PANSTARRS                                 P/2013 P5
     310P  Hill                                      P/2006 S6
     309P  LINEAR                                    P/2005 Q4
     308P  Lagerkvist-Carsenty                       P/1997 T3
     307P  LINEAR                                    P/2000 QJ46
     306P  LINEAR                                    P/2003 O3
     305P  Skiff                                     P/2004 V1
     304P  Ory                                       P/2008 Q2
     303P  NEAT                                      P/2003 U3
     302P  Lemmon-PANSTARRS                          P/2007 RJ236
     301P  LINEAR-NEAT                               P/2001 BB50
     300P  Catalina                                  P/2005 JQ5
     299P  Catalina-PANSTARRS                        P/2014 D2
     298P  Christensen                               P/2007 C1
     297P  Beshore                                   P/2008 J2
     296P  Garradd                                   P/2007 H3
     295P  LINEAR                                    P/2002 AR2
     294P  LINEAR                                    P/2008 A2
     293P  Spacewatch                                P/2006 XG16
     292P  Li                                        P/1998 Y2
     291P  NEAT                                      P/2003 S1
     290P  Jager                                     P/1998 U3
     289P  Blanpain                                  P/1819 W1
     287P  Christensen                               P/2006 R2
     286P  Christensen                               P/2005 L4
     285P  LINEAR                                    P/2003 U2
     284P  McNaught                                  P/2007 H1
     283P  Spacewatch                                P/2013 EV9
     282P  LONEOS                                    P/2003 BM80
     281P  MOSS                                      P/2013 CE31
     280P  Larsen                                    P/2004 H2
     279P  La Sagra                                  P/2009 QG31
     278P  McNaught                                  P/2006 K2
     277P  LINEAR                                    P/2005 YQ127
     276P  Vorobjov                                  P/2012 T7
     275P  Hermann                                   P/1999 D1
     274P  Tombaugh-Tenagra                          P/2012 WX32
     273P  Pons-Gambart                              P/1827 M1
     272P  NEAT                                      P/2004 F1
     271P  van Houten-Lemmon                         P/1960 S1
     270P  Gehrels                                   P/1997 C1
     269P  Jedicke                                   P/1996 A1
     268P  Bernardi                                  P/2005 V1
     267P  LONEOS                                    P/2006 Q2
     266P  Christensen                               P/2006 U5
     265P  LINEAR                                    P/2003 O2
     264P  Larsen                                    P/2004 H3
     263P  Gibbs                                     P/2006 Y2
     262P  McNaught-Russell                          P/1994 X1
     261P  Larson                                    P/2005 N3
     260P  McNaught                                  P/2005 K3
     259P  Garradd                                   P/2008 R1
     258P  PANSTARRS                                 P/2012 H1
     257P  Catalina                                  P/2005 JY126
     256P  LINEAR                                    P/2003 HT15
     255P  Levy                                      P/2006 T1
     254P  McNaught                                  P/2010 T1
     253P  PANSTARRS                                 P/2011 R2
     252P  LINEAR                                    P/2000 G1
     251P  LINEAR                                    P/2004 HC18
     250P  Larson                                    P/2011 A1
     249P  LINEAR                                    P/2006 U1
     248P  Gibbs                                     P/2010 W1
     247P  LINEAR                                    P/2002 VP94
     246P  NEAT                                      P/2004 F3
     245P  WISE                                      P/2010 L1
     244P  Scotti                                    P/2000 Y3
     243P  NEAT                                      P/2003 S2
     242P  Spahr                                     P/1998 U4
     241P  LINEAR                                    P/1999 U3
     240P  NEAT                                      P/2002 X2
     239P  LINEAR                                    P/1999 XB69
     238P  Read                                      P/2005 U1
     237P  LINEAR                                    P/2002 LN13
     236P  LINEAR                                    P/2003 UY275
     235P  LINEAR                                    P/2002 FA9
     234P  LINEAR                                    P/2002 CF140
     233P  La Sagra                                  P/2009 WJ50
     232P  Hill                                      P/2009 W1
     231P  LINEAR-NEAT                               P/2003 CP7
     230P  LINEAR                                    P/2009 U6
     229P  Gibbs                                     P/2009 S1
     228P  LINEAR                                    P/2001 YX127
     227P  Catalina-LINEAR                           P/2004 EW38
     226P  Pigott-LINEAR-Kowalski                    P/2003 A1
     225P  LINEAR                                    P/2002 T1
     224P  LINEAR-NEAT                               P/2003 XD10
     223P  Skiff                                     P/2002 S1
     222P  LINEAR                                    P/2004 X1
     221P  LINEAR                                    P/2002 JN16
     220P  McNaught                                  P/2004 K2
     219P  LINEAR                                    P/2002 LZ11
     218P  LINEAR                                    P/2003 H4
     217P  LINEAR                                    P/2001 MD7
     216P  LINEAR                                    P/2001 CV8
     215P  NEAT                                      P/2002 O8
     214P  LINEAR                                    P/2002 CW134
     213P  Van Ness                                  P/2005 R2
     212P  NEAT                                      P/2000 YN30
     211P  Hill                                      P/2008 X1
     210P  Christensen                               P/2003 K2
     209P  LINEAR                                    P/2004 CB
     208P  McMillan                                  P/2008 U1
     207P  NEAT                                      P/2001 J1
     206P  Barnard-Boattini                          P/1892 T1
     205P  Giacobini                                 P/1896 R2
     204P  LINEAR-NEAT                               P/2001 TU80
     203P  Korlevic                                  P/1999 WJ7
     202P  Scotti                                    P/2001 X2
     201P  LONEOS                                    P/2001 R1
     200P  Larsen                                    P/1997 V1
     199P  Shoemaker                                 P/1994 J3
     198P  ODAS                                      P/1998 X1
     197P  LINEAR                                    P/2003 KV2
     196P  Tichy                                     P/2000 U6
     195P  Hill                                      P/2006 W4
     194P  LINEAR                                    P/2000 B3
     193P  LINEAR-NEAT                               P/2001 Q5
     192P  Shoemaker-Levy                            P/1990 V1
     191P  McNaught                                  P/2007 N1
     190P  Mueller                                   P/1998 U2
     189P  NEAT                                      P/2002 O5
     188P  LINEAR-Mueller                            P/1998 S1
     187P  LINEAR                                    P/1999 J5
     186P  Garradd                                   P/2007 B3
     185P  Petriew                                   P/2001 Q2
     184P  Lovas                                     P/1986 W1
     183P  Korlevic-Juric                            P/1999 DN3
     182P  LONEOS                                    P/2001 WF2
     181P  Shoemaker-Levy                            P/1991 V1
     180P  NEAT                                      P/2001 K1
     179P  Jedicke                                   P/1995 A1
     178P  Hug-Bell                                  P/1999 X1
     177P  Barnard                                   P/1889 M1
     176P  LINEAR                                    P/1999 RE70
     175P  Hergenrother                              P/2000 C1
     174P  Echeclus                                  P/2000 EC98
     173P  Mueller                                   P/1993 W1
     172P  Yeung                                     P/2002 BV
     171P  Spahr                                     P/1998 W1
     170P  Christensen                               P/2005 M1
     169P  NEAT                                      P/2002 EX12
     168P  Hergenrother                              P/1998 W2
     167P  CINEOS                                    P/2004 PY42
     166P  NEAT                                      P/2001 T4
     165P  LINEAR                                    P/2000 B4
     164P  Christensen                               P/2004 Y1
     163P  NEAT                                      P/2004 V4
     162P  Siding Spring                             P/2004 TU12
     161P  Hartley-IRAS                              P/1983 V1
     160P  LINEAR                                    P/2004 NL21
     159P  LONEOS                                    P/2003 UD16
     158P  Kowal-LINEAR                              P/2001 RG100
     157P  Tritton                                   P/1978 C2
     156P  Russell-LINEAR                            P/2000 QD181
     155P  Shoemaker                                 P/1986 A1
     154P  Brewington                                P/1992 Q1
     153P  Ikeya-Zhang                               P/2002 C1
     152P  Helin-Lawrence                            P/1993 K2
     151P  Helin                                     P/1987 Q3
     150P  LONEOS                                    P/2000 WT168
     149P  Mueller                                   P/1992 G3
     148P  Anderson-LINEAR                           P/1963 W1
     147P  Kushida-Muramatsu                         P/1993 X1
     146P  Shoemaker-LINEAR                          P/1984 W1
     145P  Shoemaker-Levy                            P/1991 T1
     144P  Kushida                                   P/1994 A1
     143P  Kowal-Mrkos                               P/1984 H1
     142P  Ge-Wang                                   P/1988 V1
     141P  Machholz                                  P/1994 P1
     140P  Bowell-Skiff                              P/1983 C1
     139P  Vaisala-Oterma                            P/1939 TN
     138P  Shoemaker-Levy                            P/1991 V2
     137P  Shoemaker-Levy                            P/1990 UL3
     136P  Mueller                                   P/1990 S1
     135P  Shoemaker-Levy                            P/1992 G2
     134P  Kowal-Vavrova                             P/1983 J3
     133P  Elst-Pizarro                              P/1996 N2
     132P  Helin-Roman-Alu                           P/1989 U1
     131P  Mueller                                   P/1990 R1
     130P  McNaught-Hughes                           P/1991 S1
     129P  Shoemaker-Levy                            P/1991 C1
     128P  Shoemaker-Holt                            P/1987 U1
     127P  Holt-Olmstead                             P/1990 R2
     126P  IRAS                                      P/1983 M1
     125P  Spacewatch                                P/1991 R2
     124P  Mrkos                                     P/1991 F1
     123P  West-Hartley                              P/1989 E3
     122P  de Vico                                   P/1846 D1
     121P  Shoemaker-Holt                            P/1989 E2
     120P  Mueller                                   P/1987 U2
     119P  Parker-Hartley                            P/1989 E1
     118P  Shoemaker-Levy                            P/1991 C2
     117P  Helin-Roman-Alu                           P/1989 T2
     116P  Wild                                      P/1990 B1
     115P  Maury                                     P/1985 Q1
     114P  Wiseman-Skiff                             P/1986 Y1
     113P  Spitaler                                  P/1890 W1
     112P  Urata-Niijima                             P/1986 UD
     111P  Helin-Roman-Crockett                      P/1989 A2
     110P  Hartley                                   P/1988 D1
     109P  Swift-Tuttle                              P/1862 O1
     108P  Ciffreo                                   P/1985 V1
     107P  Wilson-Harrington                         P/1949 W1
     106P  Schuster                                  P/1977 T1
     105P  Singer Brewster                           P/1986 J1
     104P  Kowal                                     P/1979 B1
     103P  Hartley                                   P/1986 E2
     102P  Shoemaker                                 P/1984 S2
     101P  Chernykh                                  P/1977 Q1
     100P  Hartley                                   P/1985 L1
      99P  Kowal                                     P/1977 H2
      98P  Takamizawa                                P/1984 O1
      97P  Metcalf-Brewington                        P/1906 V2
      96P  Machholz                                  P/1986 J2
      95P  Chiron                                    P/1977 UB
      94P  Russell                                   P/1984 E1
      93P  Lovas                                     P/1980 X1
      92P  Sanguin                                   P/1977 T2
      91P  Russell                                   P/1983 L1
      90P  Gehrels                                   P/1972 T1
      89P  Russell                                   P/1980 S1
      88P  Howell                                    P/1981 Q1
      87P  Bus                                       P/1981 E1
      86P  Wild                                      P/1980 G1
      85D  Boethin                                   D/1975 A1
      84P  Giclas                                    P/1978 R2
      83D  Russell                                   D/1979 M2
      82P  Gehrels                                   P/1975 U1
      81P  Wild                                      P/1978 A2
      80P  Peters-Hartley                            P/1982 N1
      79P  du Toit-Hartley                           P/1945 G1
      78P  Gehrels                                   P/1973 S1
      77P  Longmore                                  P/1975 L1
      76P  West-Kohoutek-Ikemura                     P/1975 D1
      75D  Kohoutek                                  D/1975 C1
      74P  Smirnova-Chernykh                         P/1975 E2
      73P  Schwassmann-Wachmann                      P/1930 J1
      72P  Denning-Fujikawa                          P/1881 T1
      71P  Clark                                     P/1973 L1
      70P  Kojima                                    P/1970 Y1
      69P  Taylor                                    P/1915 W1
      68P  Klemola                                   P/1965 U1
      67P  Churyumov-Gerasimenko                     P/1969 R1
      66P  du Toit                                   P/1944 K1
      65P  Gunn                                      P/1970 U2
      64P  Swift-Gehrels                             P/1889 W1
      63P  Wild                                      P/1960 G1
      62P  Tsuchinshan                               P/1965 A1
      61P  Shajn-Schaldach                           P/1949 S1
      60P  Tsuchinshan                               P/1965 A2
      59P  Kearns-Kwee                               P/1963 Q1
      58P  Jackson-Neujmin                           P/1936 S1
      57P  du Toit-Neujmin-Delporte                  P/1941 O1
      56P  Slaughter-Burnham                         P/1959 B1
      55P  Tempel-Tuttle                             P/1865 Y1
      54P  de Vico-Swift-NEAT                        P/1844 Q1
      53P  Van Biesbroeck                            P/1954 R1
      52P  Harrington-Abell                          P/1955 F1
      51P  Harrington                                P/1953 P1
      50P  Arend                                     P/1951 T1
      49P  Arend-Rigaux                              P/1951 C2
      48P  Johnson                                   P/1949 Q1
      47P  Ashbrook-Jackson                          P/1948 Q1
      46P  Wirtanen                                  P/1948 A1
      45P  Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova                   P/1948 X1
      44P  Reinmuth                                  P/1947 R1
      43P  Wolf-Harrington                           P/1924 Y1
      42P  Neujmin                                   P/1929 P2
      41P  Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresak                   P/1951 H1
      40P  Vaisala                                   P/1939 CB
      39P  Oterma                                    P/1943 G1
      38P  Stephan-Oterma                            P/1942 V1
      37P  Forbes                                    P/1929 P1
      36P  Whipple                                   P/1933 U1
      35P  Herschel-Rigollet                         P/1939 O1
      34D  Gale                                      D/1927 L1
      33P  Daniel                                    P/1909 X1
      32P  Comas Sola                                P/1926 V1
      31P  Schwassmann-Wachmann                      P/1929 B1
      30P  Reinmuth                                  P/1928 D1
      29P  Schwassmann-Wachmann                      P/1927 V1
      28P  Neujmin                                   P/1913 R2
      27P  Crommelin                                 P/1928 W1
      26P  Grigg-Skjellerup                          P/1922 K1
      25D  Neujmin                                   D/1916 D1
      24P  Schaumasse                                P/1911 X1
      23P  Brorsen-Metcalf                           P/1847 O1
      22P  Kopff                                     P/1906 Q1
      21P  Giacobini-Zinner                          P/1900 Y1
      20D  Westphal                                  D/1852 O1
      19P  Borrelly                                  P/1904 Y2
      18D  Perrine-Mrkos                             D/1896 X1
      17P  Holmes                                    P/1892 V1
      16P  Brooks                                    P/1889 N1
      15P  Finlay                                    P/1886 S1
      14P  Wolf                                      P/1884 S1
      13P  Olbers                                    P/1815 E1
      12P  Pons-Brooks                               P/1812 O1
      11P  Tempel-Swift-LINEAR                       P/1880 T1
      10P  Tempel                                    P/1873 N1
       9P  Tempel                                    P/1867 G1
       8P  Tuttle                                    P/1858 A1
       7P  Pons-Winnecke                             P/1858 E1
       6P  d'Arrest                                  P/1851 M1
       5D  Brorsen                                   D/1846 D2
       4P  Faye                                      P/1843 W1
       3D  Biela                                     D/1826 D1
       2P  Encke                                     P/1818 W1
       1P  Halley                                    P/1682 Q1
    See this list in name order.