What's New?

This page lists new services that are in development at the MPC.
(Alpha) means that the service is in the early stages of development and could easily change.
(Beta) means that the service is in the later stages of development and is likely to be fully functional, but may still have some issues.
Please report any issues to the MPC using Jira.

New APIs

The MPC is working on new APIs to provide access to its data. The following APIs are currently in development:

  • Where Are My Observations (WAMO) API

    The WAMO tool helps to investigate individual observations. This API is intended to provide access to the WAMO tool's data.

  • Designation Identifier API

    The Designation Identifier API is intended to accept any type of ID and return all the other IDs associated with the object.

  • Observation API

    The Observations API is intended to accept any type of ID and return the published observations associated with the object in different formats.

New Services

  • (Alpha) MPC Explorer

    MPC Explorer is a user-friendly web application that allows you to search for an object, resolve its identity, and retrieve the most recent observations (for now). Future development will include information on the orbits as well.

  • Request for archival astrometry and identifications

    This page contains a list of observations and designations of objects that do not have any orbit associated with. The MPC is requesting either extension of short arcs that will allow us to compute the orbit or find the identification with existing orbits or ITF tracklets.

  • Orbit Comparison Tool for NEOs

    The orbit comparison tool allows you to compare orbital parameters between the MPC's MPCORB.DAT files and JPL's SBDB. Future development will include orbits from different centers.

  • (Beta) Summary of Where Are My Observations (SWAMO) tool

    SWAMO lets you explore the outcomes of all submissions over the MPC's history at a month-level granularity,
    and the SWAMO-R dashboard lets you explore the outcomes of the past six months worth of submissions at a
    day-level granularity.

  • (Beta) Search page for Minor Planet Electronic Circulars (MPECs)

    Page created to help the search for a specific MPEC.

  • (Beta) Submitting Pointing Information and Querying the MPC Pointing Database

    The MPC has developed a service to submit and query pointing information.

  • (Beta) Previous NEOCP Objects

    The MPC has developed a service to find information on objects that were previously on the NEOCP and that have been removed for different reasons (e.g. they have been designated).

  • (Beta) Current NEOCP objects: status and links

    Please use this link to find information on NEOCP objects (observations, orbits, plots, objects ready to designate, etc.) Note: some sublinks contain private information and are configured for internal use only.

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