Submit Action

Use this form to submit delete/override_park/artsat/comet/will_resubmit action_codes.

Action codes may also be submitted via curl, e.g.

curl -L -F "action_code=action_code"

Action codes are automatically generated and sent to the submitters of new NEO and new comet candidates as well as to the NEO/NEOPC follow-up reporters.
The action codes can be submitted to the MPC and used to automatically perform actions such as deletion of the submitted observations, labeling of the object as a comet, etc.
Action codes can be submitted via the online form or by curl and the action will be executed within a few minutes.
The action code is a 20-character string, with last four characters being a dash and 3 capital letters. Such as nmVDPG760e2qQw97-DEL.

The following actions are provided:

NEOCP/PCCP discoveries

****************-DNE   deletion of the object from NEOCP
****************-ART   label the object as being artificial, remove from NEOCP
****************-CMT   flat object as a comet, move to PCCP

NEOCP/PCCP follow-up

****************-DEL   deletion of the tracklet from NEOCP/PCCP
****************-COM   flag object as a comet, move to PCCP (for certain follow-up observers), only when positive comet activity is reported first by