Where Are My Observations (WAMO)?

You may use this page to search for your observations in one of three ways:

  1. If you submitted observations in 80-column format, you can search by pasting those observations into the box. They must be formatted exactly as originally submitted.
  2. If you received an acknowledgement message from the MPC with unique observation IDs, (e.g. MK73oI010000DZYs010000123), you may paste those into the search box, one per line, with no other text.
  3. If you submitted with ADES, or do not know or did not receive a unique observation ID, You may specify the "trkSub" you used for your submission, and your "stn" code, separated by a space with nothing else on the line. In this case, the astrometry will be suppressed for unpublished observations.

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